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You are not alone. I've been there too.

It's my mission to help you break free from the spin cycle of negative emotion and enjoy the adventure of each day —  as your true, authentic self.

- Molly

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Take Charge of Your Emotions and Show Up as Your Authentic, True Self (even if your temper spins out of control sometimes...)

“Why do I feel so out of alignment with myself? My emotions seem so off track with how I want to feel. Who am I anymore?”

Do you feel like this on a daily basis? (I did.)

🢖 constant negative thoughts that do NOT belong in your life
🢖 going into perfectionist overdrive
🢖 feeling disconnected from yourself
🢖 longing to show your loving side instead of frustration
🢖 the spin cycle of negative emotions holding you back from really living

This training is for you.
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If you're ready to:


go from emotional chaos to taking charge of your emotions,

work with yourself instead of against yourself,

transform from drained to determined,

let go of the shame cycle that comes from perfectionism,

I'm your coach.

Let's get you started with some simple, powerful ways to take positive action and create massive, fantastic results.

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You can throw away your imaginary perfectionist checklist and get peace of mind, without beating yourself up.

Even if your temper spins
out of control sometimes,
you can learn to take charge.

It's entirely possible. 

You can create a life of freedom, love, and peace
for you and your family.


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