No more spin-cycles of emotional derailment and perfectionist overdrive. No more beating yourself up for breaking down or blowing up.

Take the first step to working with yourself instead of against yourself.  A future as the real you, the authentic, true, intentional you is 100% possible.

Investing in a personal coach is a serious decision.
It is self-care at its finest. It is a commitment to giving yourself tools, support, and warm, caring 1:1 attention with one goal in mind:

It isn't for everyone, and that's okay.  Book your call below to see if investing in a personal coach for your unique journey is the right choice for you.

I believe emotions are your greatest strength -- even if it doesn't feel like it right now.

I have great news. We have the ability to create -- not just things or careers or even adorable tiny humans...We have the ability to create experiences. To create a life of intention. 
A life where we don't "just get through" the day.  Instead, imagine a life where you enjoyed the adventure.
Where you feel tuned in, aligned, proud of the perfectly imperfect beauty of it all.


This isn't for everyone.

This is for action-takers, go-getters, people with an unstoppable commitment to be excellent at life while simultaneously enjoying the adventure of the journey, the growth and the challenge of showing up and living life with intention.

This call is for you if:

  • You're done with living in emotional chaos
  • You're exhausted from beating yourself up
  • You know you're not showing up as the true version of yourself
  • You have decided to take charge of your emotions and develop yourself

  • You enjoy learning tools to create a shift in your current patterns

  • You are committed to creating results that align with your values

  • You value guidance


    If you're ready to grow into the person who owns each day, who connects with the important people in her life in meaningful ways, who takes charge of her emotions, who creates her own future -- this call is for you. 


What to expect: 

On the call (you'll speak with me personally) I'll listen and assess your needs.

I'll work with you to create your action plan to take charge or your emotions, show up as yourself, and start building an intentional future in the next 90 days.


Why do I offer this?

I love this work. I use these life-changing tools every day, not only for my clients, but personally as well. 

And I understand the desire for personalized support to transform your everyday life into what you want it to be.

We can discuss that at the end of the call and see if what we have is a good fit. If not, that's fine too. 

There is never any pressure on these calls. They are all about you and how to get you where you want to be.

You are absolutely worth it.

Looking forward to meeting you!




Molly Williams

Molly is a personal life coach and corporate training and development specialist working out of the Kansas City area.  When she's not out enjoying KC's wealth of parks and coffeeshops, she's working with clients to create behavior shifts, result-generation, and the experience of adventure in each day.
Molly is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Instrument and loves to use positive psychology tools and concepts to help clients create awareness of their mind and emotions -- and then harness that awareness to generate incredible, wink-at-yourself-in-the-mirror kinds of results.


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